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Mortgage Protection and Insurance

The range of mortgage protection products available in today’s market are designed to help individuals meet their mortgage commitments in the event of long term illness, unemployment, critical illness or death.

Considering mortgage protection and insurance is a necessity if you fall into any of the following brackets:

  • You have a partner
  • You have children who are dependent on you
  • You have any ageing relative’s dependent upon you for support
  • Your pension or savings will not be enough to protect your dependents should you pass away
  • You are single and do not have someone to help you pay your mortgage if necessary

Mortgage protection is something people tend not to like talking about yet is highly necessary. It offers peace of mind and we are happy to talk this through with you. If you have any queries on which insurance product you require then please contact us directly and we can review your current insurances and guide you accordingly if changes need to be made. As always, our initial appointment is free of charge with no obligation.

Can I protect my mortgage if I lose my job?
Is insurance expensive?
How can I get Cover?

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