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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection is vitally important. When buying a house you need to feel confident that every angle of the purchase is covered. Whilst we don’t always like to think about what could potentially go wrong, it certainly pays to put strategies in place ‘just in case’. Our specialist team have access to a wide range of mortgage protection products and we will find the right one for you. We want to make sure that in the unfortunate incident of long term illness, unemployment, critical illness or even death, mortgage commitments will continue being met.

Why Consider Mortgage Insurance?

Do you fall into any of the brackets below? If so, mortgage insurance is a necessity.

  • You have a partner
  • You have children who are dependent on you
  • You have any ageing relative’s dependent upon you for support
  • Your pension or savings will not be enough to protect your dependents should you pass away
  • You are single and do not have someone to help you pay your mortgage if necessary

Being fully protected with the right mortgage insurance will leave you with peace of mind because every inevitability is covered. Please contact us with any questions on insurance and the level you require. Based in Stockton we work right across the North East and County Durham including Middlesbrough, Yarm and Darlington.

Already have a policy? That’s no problem. We will review your current protection and advise accordingly should changes be required. Remember, our initial appointment is free of charge and you are under no obligation to proceed.

Can I protect my mortgage if I lose my job?

Yes, you can. Protecting your mortgage against accident, sickness and unemployment can be done but only after the mortgage has been agreed and a mortgage offer has been produced. We can not do this as part of our initial recommendations. To discuss this in greater details please contact us on 01642 671747 or email

Is insurance expensive?

It depends on what insurance you want. You are 4 times more likely to get a critical illness than die. It works out around 4 times more expensive than a basic life cover policy. A decreasing term assurance can be very cheap but before you go over the costs a few basic questions need answering about your lifestyle and medical condition. Of course, It can be more expensive if you are a smoker or do any extreme sports.

An additional option to life cover is accident cover and some providers offer a variety of choices on this starting at £7 a month. All these need to be reviewed and, much like everything we do here we get to know you and what you want. Is the mortgage the best thing to cover or should you be looking to leave the family some money if something happened to you, either unable to work or perhaps not around to support them anymore?

How can I get Cover?

First thing to do is arrange an appointment for one of our advisers to go over the different options with you. The appointment is free and you are under no obligation to accept any recommendations given. Give us a call on 01642 671747 to give you an idea of what type of cover you may need. We can arrange to get some figures for you to suit any budget.

Get in touch today, call us on 01642 671747 or email us Contact Us

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